Build Your Own Chatbot

How to choose the right chatbot for your business?

Before we offer you the options of building a chatbot for your business, let’s consider a list of questions you should answer:


• Who’s your target audience, and where are they found? (i.e., what messenger platforms do they use? )

Nowadays, platforms such as Facebook messenger, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, twitter and WhatsApp are the most popular ones. If you have a website of your business, you may also want to consider the web chat messenger as a platform for chatbot. If you have already installed the live chat software, the chatbot can also be considered as option of automatic answer (auto reply) when you are offline.


• What do you want your chatbot to do?

Chatbot can perform many tasks such as marketing, sales, customer service and technical support. However, advanced chatbots always cost more. Considering your budget, you may want to focus on the current need.


• What business need(s) will your bot meet? (Some bots respond only to specific commands, while others use machine learning)

If your business need is customer service, the machine learning algorithms will be necessary to read and interpret customer’s questions. Our customer service chatbot utilized Google machine learning package as well as the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. It can understand customer’s needs from many ways they ask the question.


• How much will it cost to building a chatbot?

The cost of a chatbot varies depending on its complexity. We suggest that you should always start with your budget and focus on the most urgent needs. Our basic chatbot plan costs only as low as $499.99. Get a free quote today by sending email to and start automatic answer (auto-reply) to your clients when you are offline.


• How will you market your bot?

Once you have built your own chatbot, you will need to let your customers know it is available. The Facebook messenger chatbot has the unique messenger code for the customer to scan.