Customer Service Chatbot

How to use chatbots as a tool for customer service?

According to the research, consumers are developing a strong preference for instant messaging over emails and phone calls. The customer service chatbots could be well on their way to replacing conventional “support desks”.

Here is a list of ways in which business owners can leverage chatbot development, to ensure that their online chatbots serve as effective customer service tools.

1. Allow the customer to control the conversation

Chatbot can provide instant responses, on-demand solutions and assistance to customers. This is why most consumers prefer talking to a customer service chatbot, rather than a time-consuming email sequence or phone call. Customer service chatbots are built to capture customer’s needs. Therefore, it should always allow the customer to control the conversation. We can call it request-oriented. By building chatbots that deliver quick assistance while also allowing customers to control the conversation, businesses can potentially increase their customer retention rates.


2. Transfer from phone support to instant chat support

Instant chat support is becoming the default choice for a growing number of customers, and can be expected to effectively replace phone support in a few years. One of the biggest challenge is consumer’s expectation of instant chat support experience that matches the phone support. SmatChat ensures that the chatbot automatic customer services deeply interact with customers all the way through to resolution. SmartChat builds affordable customer service chatbot that largely reduces the cost of hiring customer representatives. It is an automatic customer representative.


3. Use chatbots to integrate your website’s content

Visitors on any website often find it difficult to get the information they seek. In a large percentage of these cases, the information is in fact present on the website, but requires time and effort to extract. The best chatbots for customer service are those that can parse the content on a company’s website into simple snippets of information that can be delivered to the customers who need them. SmartChat builds customer service chatbot in combination of the existing website content and using it to generate relevant questions and answers.


4. Make customer service chatbots continuously learn and improve

It is important for business owners to understand that even the best chatbots are not attuned to a company’s customer service standards and requirements on the first day. However, with time — and multiple conversations with real users — artificial intelligence enables them to learn and get better at what they do. As such, commissioning a customer service chatbot and getting it to start talking to customers with immediate effect, is a wise strategy for any modern business. SmartChat builds the first version chatbot and provides options for future upgrades. We work with the business owner to continuously train the chatbots.


5. Build chatbot platform with smooth chatbot-human handoff

Online customer representative/Online chatbots are not expected to fully replace the live customer representatives. In fact, the best chatbots for customer service have been known to collaborate with their company’s human support personnel, and attend to a wide variety of consumer issues and complaints in the process. SmartChat chatbots offer the customers the option of talking to a human agent when the issue is too complicated. SmartChat creates smooth transfer from chatbot automatic reply to human agents during the conversation. Once the human agent decides to take over the conversation, they can turn the chatbot off for the specified customer.