Live Chat Software

How much does live chat software or CRM platform cost?

There are lots of big players in the customer relation management (CRM) product such as Salesforce, Zendesk, LivePerson and Freshdesk. Here is the pricing link for each of them.



The live chat support chatbot we talk about here is basically for marketing, sales and customer service. The lowest price at Salesforce is $100 per user per month. If you have two users on their platform, you will need to pay $200. The package doesn’t include chatbot service.



Zendesk divides customer service into support, guide, chat and talk. The basic package costs $89 per user per month, which is only $11 lower than Salesforce. The chatbot service requires customization. You will have to pay $200 per month for the chatbot besides the one-time training fee at the beginning.



LivePerson now hides its pricing from the website. To know the exact prices, you will have to submit a quote. However, the current clients on LivePerson provide some insights. The basic package is $40 per user per month, which is much lower than the Salesforce and Zendesk. To get the Facebook messenger integration, you will have to choose the premier package, which is $90 per use per month. To use their chatbot service, you will have to pay much more than this.



To realize the similar chat functions as our platform, the price is $35 per user per month. It is indeed a good deal. However, this doesn’t include the chatbot service.


Finally, here is our pricing.


The basic plan is $39.99 per month. By paying $39.99 per month, you will have one agent and one chatbot. The chatbot will do 70% of the work and leave the rest to the human agent. The combination of chatbot and human agent will make your customer service run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.