Services included in chatbots

24/7 unlimited live chat

Chatbots are always online. They can chat with customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Theoretically, they can chat with unlimited number of customers spontaneously. One chatbot does the work of all human agents.

Business Logo

We will put your business logo on the chatbot profile image to promote the reputation and popularity of your brand. We can also add your business campaigns to the chatbot description.

chatbot-to-human handoff

Our platform allows smooth transfer between chatbot and human agents. When the chatbot fails to answer customer's question, the human agent can always switch off the auto reply and take over the conversation.

Upgrade available

If you want to include more contents in your chatbot such as adding more FAQs, we are always ready to upgrade it. For each upgrade, we will charge an upgrade fee based on the estimated amount of work, which is usually much less than the training fee.

Analytics reports

Analytics reports are provided on the number of conversations, user queries, views of each topic with plots and charts during a requested period of time. You can use the reports to revise the content and increase the conversation matching rate.

Wide integrations

Chatbots are ready to be integrated to your website as well as the most popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. For more information, please see Platforms page.

Chat history storage

All the chat history will be saved on the cloud database and will be available for your review at any time. You can monitor the chatbot performance and find customer’s needs.

customer contact storage

Chatbot will collect the customer's contact information and save it to the address book with no upper limits, which means you can save as many contacts as you can.

survey and broadcast

Our platform allows you to conduct surveys and broadcast campaigns through customer contacts. Promotions, discounts and coupons can also be broadcast among customers.

Standard security

Chatbots are built, maintained, and run on Google platforms, which is very stable and secure.

Speech and text

Powered with Google Speech to Text technology, chatbots are compatible with both speech and text in multiple languages during the conversation.

API and webhook

Deeply integrated with Google Cloud, a wide range of API integrations are available such as Gmail, Calendar, Sheets and Docs along with customized webhooks.