Small Business Chatbot

What is the definition of small business?

In the retail industry, small business is usually defined as companies with annual revenue of $7.5 million or less and employees up to 100 to 500 maximum. In this case, most of the online retailers (e-commerce) on Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Wish are qualified as small businesses.


Small businesses rely on quick returns.

Usually, small business is created to make profits in a short time. Retailers on Amazon, for example, once find popular products to sell, can get profits immediately. Anything that can pay for itself is an asset for a small business just like chatbots for e-commerce and chatbots for small business websites. Chatbot can help small business in several aspects such as sales, marketing, and customer service. Chatbot can simultaneously interact with hundreds of customers 24/7,  store chat history, collect customer contact information, and smoothly hand over conversations to human agents. It can quickly improve the customer relation management (CRM) of the small business and build closer and stronger connections with the customer. SmartChat reduces the costs associated with chatbot development to the minimum. Any investment in chatbot development brings returns right away. Small business chatbot always pay for themselves.


Small business owners don’t have to build the chatbot by themselves.

Unless your small business is the type that involves in chatbot development or coding, you won’t have the time or the knowledge to create a chatbot on your own. I’ve come across several instances of small business owners trying their luck at chatbot development, only to give up in next to no time. SmartChat has already reduced the costs of small business chatbot from $3,000 ~ $15,000 to $499 ~ $1,999. Trying to build the chatbot on your own really saves you nothing. Time is money when you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, and you need to invest it in marketing, sales, and areas that need your specific expertise. You should spend your time on what you are good at.


Small business owners should get chatbot experts support.

There is another reason why you don’t want to create a chatbot all by yourself as a small business owner. Unless you already have technical knowledge about building chatbots, you won’t know how to build a chatbot in an efficient way and how to deal with problems you come with. While you’re in the process of finding your footing in your niche, it is important that your time and effort are invested in assets that work well, and are able to fix themselves. With SmartChat, you can always turn to our support team for questions and issues with your chatbot. We are always ready to solve the problems for you.